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prothom-alo Editorial : 16-04-16 (bangla to english)

Before a few years, the government took a stance for offering e-tenders to avoid the scuffles.However, seeing the clash at DSHE for tender, it is proved that the decision could not turn out to be fruitful properly. According to a report of ‘Prothom-Alo’, a clash for About 100 controlling the tender was going on between followers of Chtraleague and Jobo-League.

Shafiqul Islam (Sharif), Jobo League secretary of science and technology of SIR F. Rahman hall, and former president of Chatra-league Mizanur Rahman and his followers were working at DSHE.

Scuffle took place while the followers of Baijid Ahmed Khan, president of chatra-league(Dhaka North), went there for work.


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