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prothom-alo Editorial : 06-04-16 (bangla to english)

Health Bureau needs to be observant

Paucity of hydrophobia Vaccine

The severe scarcity of hydrophobia preventive vaccination delineates the disorder and chaos of three upzilla health complexes and the Sadar Hospital in Jhalokathi district. Dog-bite patients are not getting vaccinations here. So, those victims are compelled to buy that vaccine at an exorbitant price.


Hydrophobia occurs from the dogs that have rabies virus.If a dog that bears the virus bites a person , he will be prey to the rabies.The risk of being attacked by hydrophobia exists if no vaccine is hurriedly taken . And death is certain in hydrophobia. Surprisingly, vaccines of this severe disease are not available.


The letter of demand, which was sent to the high officials of health bureau, is yet to reach to the hospital and upzilla complexes.It is nothing but the slackness of the officers of the health bureau. A report, published in Propthom Alo on Sunday, stated that 77 dog-bite patients were given hydrophobia preventive vaccination at Sadar Hospit in 24 march to 31 march till the mid day,.From then, no vaccine is in store.The immunization cannot be supplied, though every day,on an average, 8 to 10 dog-bite patients arrive.


Likewise, many patients are going back empty handed from Nolchiti, Rajapur and Kathaliy upzilla health complex of the district.Being incapable of, they are buying medicines at a high price .The poor cannot pay money for that vaccine owing to the soaring charge. It is time the health bureau had to be watchful in this regard. Hydrophobia preventive vaccination should be delivered to the Jhalokathi Hospital and Health complex in an urgent basis.

If a single patient dies of hydrophobia, the charge of that ought to be taken by the health bureau.




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