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prothom-alo Editorial : 05-04-16 (bangla to english)

prothom-alo Editorial : 05-04-16

It is expected to be done within the extended time

Relocation of Tannery Industry.The entrepreneurs of leather-industries could not maintain the dead line of 31st March, despite being their failing of several phases.The government has allowed them another week.We expect that they will not fail in this time.And a request to the government not be flexible anymore in this regard.


The economic significance of tannery industry is huge.But, such industry, destructive to the environment, should not get on the heart of a city.Consequently a vast area has turned out to be odorous and polluting.The state of Buriganga is burdened with all sorts of contaminated and toxic aqueous ingredients and extract of leather for decades.


Burigangla river is the only destination of toxic chemicals and contaminated water.Not only the environmental perspective, the labours were too impelled to work in that acute unhealthy ambiance.For this very reason, BISIC has established Leather Industry in Savar not far off Dhaka.BISIC has determined to deliver all sorts of aid regarding installment of Hazaribag Industry.

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