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prothom-alo Editorial : 03-04-16 (bangla to english)

prothom-alo Editorial : 03-04-16

Needs action, not words

At a seminar organised by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) on Thursday, speakers stressed the need for political will, punishment of the guilty and social awareness to curb corruption.Every year ACC holds such a seminar and observes a week to heighten awareness against corruption.

It may be has a role to create public awareness against corruption.But the foremost duty of this constitutional organisation is to take action against corruption which is stressed by the most of speaker at the seminar.It can’t deny that Corruption must be tackled by the trial and punishment of the corrupt.

But who will bell the cat? As the Anti-Corruption Bureau failed to do so, the independent Anti-Corruption Commission was formed to do the job.At the seminar, speakers pointed out that the big shots were hardly ever caught or punished for their corruption And if they belonged to the ruling party, they were totally untouchable. Most of the case the ACC would merely say there was not sufficient evidence against them. The new chairman of ACC blamed the loopholes in the law for failing to nab the corrupt big shots ‍is not be acceptable .

Such statements give out a wrong message. That is not a plausible excuse, So many big-scale incidents of corruption have taken place over the recent past, including the banking sector scams, but how many have the ACC tackled with tangible results?It is ACC’s responsibility to gather proof against the corrupt and bring them to book. The ACC bosses have talked a lot, now let them translate their words to deeds.

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