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Jobs do not come due to the 10 problem

One after another company going through resumes, but even a job, you are not being called for interview. Career expert Liz Ryan says of the 10 signs, that was the case.

1. Usually one candidate for each job application such as CV has been submitted. Job rakamabhede resume their language does not change.

II. Apply for a job they do not attuned enough about the organization.

3. CV can be more, there will be more job prospects, they believe that the theory.

4. Go to interview without preparation. Where do the job, they have no idea about the organization.

5. What they want, what they really are is not clear. Think, if you run the job.

6. There is no question of any cakarisanslista their minds. They are reluctant to learn about the relevant institutions.

7. They failed to get a job reference. That’s because they can not explain.

8. CV does not match with the reality of much of the information can be seen.

9. Before or after the interview does not communicate with the organization concerned.

10. Giyerisepasanista to interview or with someone in the organization had been ill-treated.

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