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Job at UNDP


Infrastructure and Urban Services Coordinator 9-June-2016 Dhaka
Land Tenure & Housing Coordinator 9-June-2016 Dhaka
Local Economy, Livelihoods & Financial Inclusion Coordinator 9-June-2016 Dhaka
Partnership and Resource Mobilization Associate 9-June-2016 Dhaka
Social Mobilization & Community Capacity Building Coordinator 9-June-2016 Dhaka
Urban Planning & Governance Coordinator 9-June-2016 Dhaka
National Consultant for the Services to Develop Technical Assistance Project Proposal (TPP) for the project title “Strengthening Inclusive Development and Engagement in Chittagong Hill Tracts (SIDE)” 10-June-2016 Dhaka
International Individual Consultant for Developing Gender Inclusive National Resilience Programme 12-June-2016 Dhaka
National Consultant-Final Evaluation for Justice Sector Facility (JSF) Project of UNDP 12-June-2016 Dhaka
Data Analysis Expert 12-June-2016 Dhaka
National Consultant to develop and deliver training to Police in CHT on UNSCR 13-June-2016 Home Based
National Consultant to Support Legal Reforms for Municipal Private Finance in Bangladesh 13-June-2016 home-based with travel within Bangladesh
International Consultant-Final Evaluation for Justice Sector Facility (JSF) Project of UNDP 13-June-2016 Dhaka
Monitoring &Evaluation Officer 13-June-2016 Dhaka
Mutual Accountability Unit Coordinator 14-June-2016 Dhaka
National Consultant for Developing Development Project Proforma/Proposal (DPP) for NUPRP 15-June-2016 Dhaka

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