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How to Face Interview Successfully

The major worry of a job seeker is nothing but facing an interview successfully. Interview is a chance to show your skills and experience to any company which determine whether you get the job or not. It’s normal to be nervous a little bit before an interview. But there are some effective ways to face an interview successfully. Today we have shared those ways for you. Lets have a look to those.

1 Tell me about yourself

This is a common question in every interview. On the other hand it is the most important question for any job seeker too. Through the answer of this question job seeker can represent himself to the interview board. The most effective way is to provide success stories. A success story will show your skills. Moreover it will provide an example of your past work experience which will show your skill of solving problems and get any job done. Not only that but also it will build a positive approach to the interviewer’s mind about you.

2 What are Your Goals?

It is better to say about your short term goals than any long term goals. You can say that your primary goal is nothing but joining a forward-moving company. I want to add value and continue to grow the company. My long term goals will go forward along with the success of company.

3 Tell us something about Your Weakness

This question is another one which you need to face. Here you will minimize your weakness and emphasize on you strength. Don’t mention personal qualities and concentrate on professional traits. You can say that you are trying to improve your personal qualities to build up relationship. Moreover you have joined Toastmasters for this approach which is helpful for you.

4 Why should we hire you?

You’ll handle this question through providing your experience. You can say about your previous experience like “I have worked in a multinational company for five years and there are records that I have saved company’s money. I am confident to help the company to grow through my experience and skills.

5 Why do/did you leave your job?

At present if you are unemployed you need to mention the reason of quitting job. Like “I have managed ten percent reduction of corporate downsizing. But I was included to the twenty percent reduction of corporate downsizing. If you are employed you will say about your demand which you want from your next job. You can say “after three years I decided to quit the job coz I was looking for a company where I can add my experience.

6 What are your salary expectations?

It would be better for you if you get an idea of your salary range from the interview board first. Normally you can prepare yourself through knowing the salary range of others in your posts. The best answer would be “I hope we will agree on a reasonable amount what you pay normally to the others similar to my background.”

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