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The Daily star Editorial : 27-05-16

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The Daily star Editorial : 27-05-16
মোঃ মোজ্জাম্মেল হোছাইন

Dhaka’s crippling gridlock
Does anyone really care about public agony?
Those on the road yesterday experienced firsthand the agony of Dhaka’s traffic gridlock,this time caused by a DNCC event and a procession of the education ministry. The city,where chaos rules over the traffic system, came to a virtual standstill. People suffered in the blistering heat of summer, sitting in vehicles, some falling ill. Does anyone in the administration really care? How much did the country lose in productivity?
Why would several streets be closed during peak hours for a ceremony organised by the city corporation? And why on earth would the education ministry bring out a procession occupying the main streets? Is this the kind of education the ministry is imparting that it is alright to obstruct public thoroughfare for observing Education Week? And while we are at it, why does each and every official programme have to be ceremonialised? In the digital age, can such programmes not be inaugurated via video-teleconference, without going through the trouble of physically going to the venue and adding to the congestion, thus sparing the public of the misery? What is more important — the noise and the fanfare or the actual work? Do the authorities not understand that such needless sufferings ultimately overshadow the gains made, that it invokes more public ire than accolades?
One of the main reasons behind Dhaka’s traffic snarl-ups is the movement of VVIPs by making roads off limits to traffic during their movement. It makes absolutely no sense to build infrastructure in order to reduce the gridlock and then not allow people to use it. Dhaka’s traffic problem is horrific as it is, and we can do without mindless acts compounding it, as was done on Wednesday.

শব্দার্থগুলো পড়ে নিন
Crippling:অসমর্থকরণ, শারিরিকভাবে অক্ষম করা, বিকল (Physically disabling)
Gridlock:জট, চলাচলে অক্ষম (a situation where roads in a town become so blocked by cars that it is impossible for any traffic to move)
Firsthand : সরাসরি (Direct)
Agony:নিদারুণ যন্ত্রণা, ক্লেশ ( Misery, Torment, anguish)
Chaos:বিশৃঙ্খলা(Disorder, Mess)
Standstill: গতিরোধ, অচলাবস্থা (Deadlock, Moveless)
Blistering heat:তীব্র গরম (Very aggressive heat)
Bring Out:বাহির করা (Elicit, Evoke)
Impart:প্রদান করা, জ্ঞাপন করা (Provide, Give)
Thoroughfare:প্রধান সড়ক (Highway, main street)
Inaugurate:অভিষেক করা,উদ্ভোধন করা (Induct, Initiate)
Congestion:আহরণ, সঞ্চয়, অত্যধিক ভীড় (Accumulation, Excessive of Traffic)
Sparing: অতিরিক্ত, খুব কম ব্যবহার (Additional, Using very little of something)
Fanfare:উদযাপন প্রদর্শন (A show of celebration)
Overshadow : নিষ্প্রভ করা (Obscure)
Invoke:আহবান করা, ডাকা (Call upon)
Accolade:প্রশংসা (Praise, Admiration)
Snarl-up:বাধা, ব্লক করা (Block, jam)

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