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The Daily star Editorial : 24-05-16

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The Daily star Editorial : 24-05-16

by–মোঃ মোজ্জাম্মেল হোছাইন‎ 



প্রথমে শব্দার্থগুলো পড়ে নিন

Sheer:সীমিত, সঙ্কীর্ণ, নিছক (Limited, small)
Providence:দূরদর্শিতা, বিচক্ষণতা (Prudence, Forethought)
Catastrophic:সর্বনাশা, বিধ্বংসী (Disastrous, Ruinous)
Consequence:ফলাফল (Result, outcome)
Wrath:রাগ(Anger, Dander)


Casualty: দুর্ঘটনা, ক্ষয়ক্ষতি (Accident, chance nature)
Evacuation: কোন বিপদসঙ্কুল স্থান থেকে নিরাপদ স্থানে স্থানান্তরিত করা (to move people from a dangerous place to somewhere safe)
Mobilisation:সংহতি, সমাগম,
Aid:সাহায্য (Help, support)
Utterly:একদম, সম্পুর্ণ (Completely, entirely)


Belongings:জিনিসপত্র(Accessories, goods)

A narrow escape from Roanu


But help is still needed

It is sheer providence that for the last few years we have been saved from the catastrophic consequences of nature’s wrath such as in the form of Saturday’s Cyclone Roanu, because of a sudden change in direction of the storm, or it weakening, before hitting our coastline. Although at least 24 precious lives were lost, the casualties might have been higher, if not for a well-prepared disaster management plan of the government.This included a massive evacuation campaign, mobilisation of medical aid and the readiness of a large number of volunteers as well as cancelation of weekly holidays of government officials in 18 coastal districts. Apart from prompt alerts to the people, including fishermen and trawler operators regarding the advancing cyclone, operations of water vessels were suspended and the airport in Chittagong was closed, for safety reasons.


But the storm has left several thousand people homeless, hungry and utterly devastated, apart from doing damage to the infrastructure. A report in this daily has given a description of the misery of thousands of people in Bhola who are stranded and practically starving because no relief has reached them. Children are going without food and there is no access to sanitation. School students, many of whom are appearing in the ongoing HSC exams, have lost their text books in the floods. People have lost the only home they know along with all their belongings.


Immediate relief such as food and clothes must be distributed to those stranded in various areas. The storm affected people will now have to be helped in every possible way so that they can rebuild their homes and their lives.

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