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The Daily star Editorial :18 -04-16 (word meaning & Synonym)

The Daily star Editorial :18 -04-16 (word meaning & Synonym)

Illegal occupation of school property
Primary education directorate must act

An investigative report of this newspaper has come up with disturbing facts that land belonging to state-owned schools has been forcibly grabbed, hampering the normal educational functions of these institutions. An official report submitted in September 2014 to the primary and mass education ministry stated that some 54 such schools were under illegal occupation. We understand that land repossession is a laborious process, but the fact that school property is being taken away not only by strong arm tactics of vested interests but also by other state agencies, is a very disturbing trend. The fallout of all this grabbing is of course the quality of education in these schools has fallen dramatically.


Children are deprived of adequate space not only in classrooms but with fields and open spaces being grabbed, there is the question of children’s physical education being hampered. The net result is overcrowding in the limited space that is available. The educational environment is being compromised and for what? Giving the excuse that these are “sensitive” matters and have to be dealt with softly is not an acceptable excuse.


As we understand it, whatever next move the authorities are planning to take is still limited to the movement of reports among district primary education office of Dhaka (DPEO) and the Directorate of Primary Education, which in turn will submit a report to the sub-committee of parliamentary standing committee on primary and mass education ministry. This is illegal occupation of school property and the ministry must act decisively to restore the school lands and ensure a proper school environment for our children.

1)Occupation( দখল, ভোগদখল, পেশা, বৃত্তি): grab, possession, seize, vocation, profession
2)Directorate( পরিদপ্তর, পরিচালকের দপ্তর)
3) investigative( অনুসন্ধানী)
4)act( কাজ করা, সক্রিয় হওয়া, পেশাগত বা দাপ্তরিক ক্ষমতায় কাজ করা)
5)come up with( জানতে পারা,দেখতে পাওয়া, উদঘাটিত করা):detect, uncover, find
6) disturbing( ঝামেলাপূর্ণ গোলমেলে)
7)forcibly( বলপূর্বক, জবরদস্তি)
8)grabbed( দখল, জবর দখল) : seize, take control
9)belonging( অধিকার ভুক্ত)
10)hampering( ব্যাহত, বাধাগ্রস্থ)
11)repossession( পুনরাধিকার)
12) laborious( কষ্টকর, পরিশ্রম সাধ্য)
13)vested interest ( কায়েমি স্বার্থ): a person or group having a personal stake or involvement.
14) strong arm tactics( পেশিশক্তি ব্যাবহার, শক্তি প্রয়োগের কৌশল) :intimidation, browbeating
15)fallout ( ফলাফল, ঘটা) : come out, occur
16)dramatically ( নাটকীয় ভাবে)
17)deprived of( বঞ্চিত)
18) Adequate( পর্যাপ্ত)
19)overcrowding ( ঠাসাঠাসি)
20)compromised ( আপস করা, মিটমাট করা)


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