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The Daily star Editorial : 16-05-16

The Daily star Editorial : 16-05-16


by মোঃ মোজ্জাম্মেল হোছাইন
প্রথমে শব্দার্থগুলো পড়ে নিন
Humiliation:হয়রানি (embarrassment)
Despicable:ঘৃণ্য, জগন্য (Hateful, loathsome)
Grim:ভয়ানক(Terrible, Dire, outrageous)
Derogatory:মর্যাদাহানিকর (Pejorative)
Unveil:উন্মোচন করা (Uncover, Disclose)
Vendetta:গৃহবিবাদ, বংশগত বিরোধ (Blood feud)
Acquiesced:মৌনসন্মতি দেত্তয়া(Agree)
Mob Trial:জনতা কর্তৃক বিচার

Disparaging:অপমানজনক(dishonorable, disgraceful)
Harassment:হয়রানি(humiliation, embarrassment)
Exploit:কাজে লাগান(to use for one own advantage)
Sentiment:অনুভূতি(feeling, sense)
Abhorrent:জঘন্য(hated, loathsome)
Public humiliation of a teacher
A most despicable act

We take an extremely grim view of a headmaster being punished on alleged claimsof making derogatory comments about religion. It happened in Narayanganj. The teacher, who happens to be of Hindu faith, was made to do sit ups holding his ears in thepresence of the local MP. Are we living in a modern state? How will the teachers ever function again with dignity? What message does it send to the outside world about our society?
The shocking incident unveils two disturbing facts. First, he was, reportedly, a victim of personal vendetta by some people in the school management. Second, the whole incident took place in front of the local lawmaker who, instead of standing up to the perpetrators, apparently acquiesced to the mob trial. The punishment was ostensibly to save the teacher from public wrath. What a ludicrous argument! One expects an elected MP to make a better judgment call.

The real problem here is that anyone can accuse anyone of insulting religion to settle personal scores. It’s your word against mine. What evidence is there to prove that the teacher actually made disparaging remarks about religion, other than the claims of some people? There should be safeguards against this kind of harassment exploiting the religious sentiment of the public. Teaching is a noble profession and teachers should be treated with due respect. We call for appropriate and exemplary action against all those who were party to this abhorrent mistreatment of a teacher.

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