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The Daily star Editorial :11-05-16 (word meaning & Synonym)

The Daily star Editorial : 11-05-16

প্রথমে শব্দার্থগুলো পড়ে নিন

Allegedly:অভিযোগ অনুসারে (According to someone’s allegation)
Mercilessly:নির্দয়ভাবে (Cruelly, Grimly)
Appalling:ভয়াবহ (Awful, Grotesque)
Precious:মূল্যবান, দামি (Dear, Valuable)
Assault:শারিরিক আক্রমণ (Attack, Harass)
Grotesquely:বীভৎস্য ভাবে, ন্যাক্কারজনকভাবে (Disgustingly)
Pervert:অপব্যবহার (Misuse)
Rescue:উদ্ধার (Recovery, Release)
Grievous:যন্ত্রণাদায়ক(Cruel, Deplorable, Abject)
Inflict:মারা, শাস্তি প্রদান করা
Impunity:অব্যাহতি, শাস্তি হতে মুক্তি (Exemption from punishment)
Thoroughly:সম্পূর্ণভাবে (Completely, Entirely)
Prompt:দ্রুত(Quick, tantivy)
Measures:ব্যবস্থা, প্রদক্ষেপ (Step)
Trial:পরীক্ষা, আদালতের বিচার (Experiment, Appearance at judicial court)


Another child beaten to death

The system must protect our children

The barbaric killing of 12-year-old Alauddin, a worker at a bakery in Lakshmipur, Noakhali, allegedly at the hands of his employer and co-workers, leaves us feeling helpless and angry. The child was beaten mercilessly because he had been coming late to work. The murderers hung his body from the ceiling and left the scene, locking the bakery from the outside. Such an appalling crime – again – against a child, reveals a growing sickness in society in which the most precious members, our children, are being assaulted and killed.

Alauddin’s cruel fate reminds us once again of Rajon and Rakib – how they were grotesquely tortured to death. It reveals the fact that children who are poor and compelled to work to survive, are often the most vulnerable and become prey to perverts and sadists. This is why we read about stories of child domestic workers being rescued (if they are lucky) but found with grievous injuries inflicted by their employers. Similarly children who work in factories or small establishments are at the mercy of their employers.

What is most disturbing is how these perpetrators are committing such heinous crimes with impunity. How can employers inflict such torture on children and think they can get away with it? It is something we as a society must address and put an end to. Law enforcers, no doubt, have the primary responsibility to arrest the suspects, thoroughly investigate the cases and take prompt measures to make sure the culprits get the punishment they deserve. In the case of child victims, the court should ensure speedy trials, legal aid and protection to the victims (if they have survived) and to their family members. We must put an end to this diabolical trend.


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