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The Daily star Editorial :08-05-16 (word meaning & Synonym)

The Daily star Editorial : 08-05-16

প্রথমে শব্দার্থগুলো পড়ে নিন

Intolerable:অসহনীয়(Insufferable, Unbearable)
Sink:ডোবান, নিমজ্জিত হওয়া (Submerge, Succumb)
Tie:বন্ধন করা, বাঁধা (Fasten)
Bumper:বাম্পার, ( Parts at the front and back of a vehicle which are meant to absorb the impact of a collision)
Horror:ভয়(Fear, Dread)
Apparently : আপাতদৃষ্টিতে, স্পষ্টত (Clearly, Ostensibly)
Accused of :অভিযুক্ত


Mete out: নিষ্ঠুর আচরণ করা (to give or order a punishment or make someone receive cruel or unfair treatment)
Barbaric:আদিম, বর্বরোচিত, অসভ্য (Uncultured, Uncivilised)
Defy: স্পর্ধা করা, অবজ্ঞা করা (Challenge, Disregard)
Cruise: অবিরত গতিতে চলা (To travel at constant speed)
Hapless:অসুখী, দুর্ভাগা (Unfortunate,
Scare out of someone wit: ভয় দেখানো (To make someone very frightened)
Come Undone: খুলে যাওয়া (Untied)
Mob justice : উচ্ছৃঙ্খল জনতা কর্তৃক শাস্তি (When a large angry mob takes justiceinto their own hands)
Lynch:জনতার রায়ে দোষীসাব্যস্ত ব্যক্তিকে শাস্তি বা মৃত্যুদণ্ড দেওয়া
Track Down:খুঁজিয়া বাহির করা
(Find, Search)




Intolerable cruelty of people

How low have we sunk?

A report by this paper on May 7 carried the picture of a young man tied to the front bumper of a truck on the Natore-Bogra higway. The picture was taken by a reporter belonging to Daily Jugantor who had been travelling on the same highway and the horror of the situation caught his eye. The man had apparently been accused of stealing and the people who caught him asked a passing truck to mete out a punishment so barbaric that it defies imagination. The truck is registered in Kushtia and the number plate reads Ta-11-1307. So, the truck was cruising on the highway with this hapless man tied to the front grill, an attempt perhaps to teach him the lesson of a lifetime!


Was it any wonder that the man was scared out of his wits? What would have happened had the ropes come undone? What would have been the man’s fate had that truck had an accident? How can people behave in such a barbaric manner is beyond us! If a man is caught stealing or is suspected of theft, are we then to treat him in such a manner? There is such a thing called law and the simplest thing would have been to hand him over to the nearest police station. But no, we believe in mob justice. This act goes far beyond mob beating or lynching. It goes to show how cruelwe have become as a people. The police musttrack down both the vehicle and the people who were involved in this act and they should face justice for the treatment received by this man.

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