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The Daily star Editorial : 08-04-16 (word meaning & Synonym)

The Daily star Editorial : 08-04-16 (word meaning & Synonym)



Cheat-fest in HSC exam

Fox guarding the henhouse

Cheating allegations in public exams have always dogged students in this country but the scene at Adakhola High School of Jhalakathi during the HSC and equivalent exams, as exposed in a picture published in this newspaper a couple of days ago, defies all imagination with teachers aiding the unethical practice and local officials turning a blind eye to it.

Some students claimed they paid off the teachers to buy this “privilege”. And the teachers—the builders of the nation—returned the “favour” by allowing examinees to copy from cheating sheets. When that proved inadequate, they wrote the answers on the blackboards.

The bizarre incident gives a glimpse of not only the falling education system of the country but also the level of moral degradation. If the pupils were taught properly, they wouldn’t need to resort to unfair means in the first place. What kind of citizens are we producing here? Without an understanding of right and wrong, what will they have to offer to society and nation? What do we say to the other students who prepare hard all year long?

Teachers, many experts believe, play a greaterrole than parents in shaping the moral fibre of students. The teachers and the local officials, partners in this crime, should be seriously dealt with.




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