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The Daily star Editorial : 07-06-16

The Daily star Editorial : 07-06-16

প্রথমে শব্দার্থগুলো পড়ে নিন

Extremist:চরমপন্থী, জঙ্গী (a person who holds extreme views)
Dimension:মাত্রা(Aspect, degree)
Expose:খুলা, প্রকাশ করা (Reveal, disclose)
Condole:সমবেদনা প্রকাশ করা (Sympathise)
Condemn:নিন্দা করা (Denounce, blaspheme)
Dastardly:কাপুরুষোচিত(Chicken hearted person, Cowardly)
Viciousness:অনৈতিকতা, কলঙ্কজনক (Immoral, Taint, blemish)
Stance: অবস্থান (Opinion, position, stand)
Invigorated: পূর্ণাঙ্গ, বলিষ্ঠ, সতেজ ( Refreshed, pepful)
Conviction:দণ্ডাদেশ, শাস্তি (Judgement of guilt)
Engender:জন্ম দেয়া (produce, generate)


Murder of SP’s wife by extremists

Adds a new dimension to the issue

The murder of a police officer’s wife in Chittagong has added a new dimension to the ongoing terrorist attacks in the country. Targetinga family of an SP highlights the vulnerability of the security forces, and members of their families, engaged in counter terror operation. We often criticise the police hardly recognising the risk they, and as the recent killing shows, their families, are exposed to. We deeply condole the death and condemn this dastardly act. It shows the ever expanding nature of the threat and the viciousness of the attacks. Targeting the police which are supposed to provide security to the people is throwing challenge to the security forces and the state. This is proof, if proof is ever needed, that nobody can feel safe in this environment.

We are happy to note that the home minister has shifted from his previous stance on the nature of the killings and acknowledged that these are well planned and may be linked to the extremists. We hope that this will lead to a more invigorated investigation and arrest of the extremist masterminds.

While we acknowledge the fact that a large number of suspects have been arrested in connection to these killings, a quick trial and conviction would engender confidence in public minds as would arresting the masterminds and complete plugging of their source of finance. It is high time also that the law enforcers honed in all their efforts to fight the menace that is spreading its tentacles in the country. A coherent anti-militancy drive needs to be initiated quickly

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