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The Daily star Editorial : 02-08-16

Don’t ‘desertify’ Gulshan

Avoid knee-jerk reaction

Restaurants in Gulshan where people had to queue up to get seats just a month ago have been running almost empty since the terror attack on July 1. The photos were taken between 8:30pm and 9:30pm yesterday.

Fear, along with the government decision to closedown so called illegal establishments in Gulshan area as a reaction to the unfortunate killings in Holey Artisan has helped create the eerie character that Gulshan has taken on today.

It is very difficult to see the government’s rationale in drawing a correlation between illegal commercial establishments in the area and the terrorist killings. What if the establishment had government approval? Would that have prevented the attack and the killings?

However, it is quite another matter if the issue is of ‘unauthorised’ commercial establishment per se in a non-commercial area. But even here the government has a few questions to answer. How come these so called illegal entities came to be there in the first place? And how come most of these are running for decades without the relevant authorities taking note of it? We cannot also overlook the fact that these shops and eateries and places for get-together for all ages and hues had lent a cosmopolitan character to Dhaka city, and without which any semblance of a modern city that one attaches to the capital would be lost.

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