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All Books for BCS (Preliminary) preparation Pdf File

Those who want to take BCS preparation from beginning ,they Should collect all necessary books of BCS. Here I try to provide all pdf file of BCS books. You can also Download all these books easily.So Download all books and start your study from now.


Preliminary  Book list:


Bangla literature:

1.Amar Boity   

2.Bangla Grammer (for class 9-10)

3.Lal Nil Dipaboli

4.Bangla Old Age

5.Bangla Modern Age

6.Bangla Sahitya (System Shortcut technique):


English language &Literature:

1.Wren & Martin: 

2.Common Mistakes in English:

3.English for Competitive Exam- Part 1: (size 5 mb)

4.English for COmpetitive exam part-2:(5 Mb)
5.ABC of English Literature:

6. 500 MCQ on English Literature:

7.Oracle lecture Sheet (1-11)

Bangladesh Topics:

1.Civics (class 9-10)

2.Bangladesh History& world Civilization

3.Oracle lecture Sheet(1-4)

4.Oracle lecture Sheet(6-9)

International Topics:

1.Oracle sheet(1-2)

2.oracle Sheet(3-4)

3.oracle Sheet(6-7)

4.Shortcut Method

General Science:

1.General Science Books(class 9-10)




5.Assurance General Science: 

6.Oracle: Gen Sci Lecture 1-4:

7.Oracle GEn Sci: Lecture 6-9:

8.Oracle Gen Sci: Lecture 11-14:


1.Easy Computer:

Part-1: (Size 9mb): 
Part-2: (Size 8 mb )

old version Easy Computer:



1.Math for class 8

2.Math for class 9-10

3.Higher Math (9-10)

4.Shortcut by Arifur Rahman

5.Shortcut by Tanvir


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