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Banks and BCS examination of all the questions on general knowledge and solutions !

*Important General Knowledge for Bank Recruitment Test (Part 1)*
1. The number one natural wonder of the world- Iguazu Waterfalls, Brazil

2. The country which gives Bangladesh the maximum amount of loan is- Japan
3. The headquarter of world tourism organization is in- Madrid, Spain
4. The Geneva Convention deals with- conduct of war.
5. The book ‘Glimpses of World History’ was written by- Jawaharlar Nehru.
6. Mother Teresa was born in – Mecidonia
7. The largest island in the world is – Greenland.
8. Naiko Gas Company belongs to the country is- Canada
9. February 21st was declared international mother language day by – Unesco
10. The city is called ‘The City of Flowering Trees’- Harare.
11. For which historical event the year of 1789 is renowned- French
12. Naigra falls is located in – North America
13. The American General who led the revolt against the British and
declared American independence was- George Washington.
14. The country that accounts for nearly one third of the total teak
production of the world is- Myanmar.
15. The name of statesman who received Noble prize for literary work is-
16. Albert Einstein was born in – Germany.
17. The largest Ocean of the world is p Pacific Ocean.
18. International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) is located in – Manila,
19. The industrial revolution was started in – England
20. ‘NASAKA’ is the border force of – Myanmar.
21. Golan Heights is a cause of discord between- Syria and Israel.
22. Name of the country, which has largest rainforest- Brazil.
23. Transfer of foreign fugitive to his home country is – Extradition.
24. The country that is called ‘the door of Europe’ is –Vienna (Austria)
25. Nelson Mandela was born in – 18 July 1918
26. Bangladesh workers safety initiative was declared by – Alliance for
workers safety in Washington.
27. Who is Edwared Snowden? – A former official of central intelligence
agency (CIA) who leaked surveillance programme of the USA.
28. Name of newly elected party in Bhutan – Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)
29. General Aung San, who was the father of Aung San Suu Kyi
assassinated on – 19 July 1947.
30. Who is the Chief justice of India (CJI) at present? Justice P
31. President Mohamed Morsi was ousted on – 03 July 2013
32. Adly Mansour takes oath as interim President of Egypt on – 04 July 2013
33. Malala Yousafzai delivered her speech at the UN on- 12 July 2013.
34. Who is the interim Prime Minister of Egypt- Hazem el Beblawi.
35. Che Guevara was born on – 14 June 1928 in Argentina.
36. Black teenager of America Trayvon Martin was killed by – George
37. The most innovative country according to the Global innovation Index
(GII) is- Switzerland.
38. Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated on – 30 January 1948 By Nathuram Godse.
39. British Foreign Minister at present is – William Hague.
40. The major export partner country of Bangladesh is – the USA.
41. At present number of offices of the central Bank countrywide is – 10
42. Taka 10 polymer note was first introduced in Bangladesh 2000.
43. The Euro introduced to world Financial market – 1 January 1999.
44. The Chittagong Stock Exchange was established in – 1995
45. The apex body of the private sector business community in Bangladesh
is –FBCCI.
46. The act adopted for prevention of use and transfer of money
illegally is called – Money Laundering Prevention Act.
47. BIA stand for – Bangladesh Insurance Academy.
48. The largest trading block in the world is –WTO.
49. A common form of inter bank short term borrowing is – call money
50. CAMEL rating is a system that – assigns a numerical rating to a bank.
51. SWIFT is – A global fund transfer system.
52. Import quotas tend to be associated with – expand domestic
production and sales.
53. The rate at which commercial banks borrow money from the central
bank is called – bank rate.
54. Circuit breaker in a stock exchange works as – an obstacle to
excessive change in share price.
55. In Islamic Banking the customer are consider as- partners to profit
56. The headquarter of Center on Integrated Rural Development for Asia
and the Pacific (CIRDAP) is in – Dhaka.
57. Dhaka Carzon Hall was build in the year – 1904-05.
58. The largest tribe in Bangladesh is – Chaqma.
59. The length of Jamuna Bridge is – 4.8 km.
60. The documentary film ‘Stop Genocide’ related to independence war of
Bangladesh was directed by – Zahir Raihan.
61. The last Mughal Emperor was – Bahadur Shah.
62. Who compiled and edited the documents of liberation war of
Bangladesh – Hasan Hafizur Rahman.
63. Introduction of the book ‘ Song Offerings’ of Rabindranath Tagore is
written by – W.B. Yeats.
64. Most of the Manipuri ethnic group people of Bangladesh live in – Sylhet.
65. The Arabian Country first recognized Bangladesh as an independence
country- Iraq.
66. The largest island of Bangladesh is – Bhola.
67. The current population growth rate in Bangladesh is -1.37%.
68. The ancient name of Barisal is –Chandradeep.
69. Bangladesh constitution was adopted on -16 December 1972.
70. The name of highest gallantry award of Bangladesh is – Bir Shrestha.
71. The governance structure of Bangladesh is – parliamentary.
72. The authority to issue an ordinance in Bangladesh is – President.
73. Banga –bhanga was done is -1905.
74. The source of the river karnaphuli is –Lushai Hills.
75. The ratio of length and breadth of the national flag of Bangladesh
is – 10:6
76. Newly formed unit of Bangladesh Police is – Special Security and
Protection Battalion ( BPBn)
77. Newly elected Mayor of Gazipur City Corporation is – Professor
78. Which Bangladeshi ship tilted recently at the Andaman sea near
Thailand? –MV hope.
79. Who is the Chairman of Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) at present?-
80. Bangladesh post Office inaugurated ATM service of Postal Cash Card
on -06 July 2013.
81. The most corrupted sectors according to the report released by
Transparency International Bangladesh are- Political parties and Police.
82. University of Dhaka celebrated its 92nd founding anniversary on –
1July 2013
83. Television actress Mita Noor committed suicide on – 01 July 2013.
84. Nobel Laureate Dr. Muhammad Yunus has been featured as 11th among
the most influential business thinker of the world by- The Wall
Street Journal.
85. Foreign Secretary of Bangladesh is – Shahidul Haque.
86. Generalized System of Preference (GSP) for Bangladesh by the USA was
suspended on -27 June 2013
87. Remittance recorded by the country in the last FY 2012-12 was- 14.46
billion $
88. Who is the Director General of Asian Development Bank (ADB) for the
south Asia Department?- Juan Miranda.
89. How many girl students will receive stipends from education trust
fund in this year? -1.33 lakh.
90. National Board of Revenue (NBR) assigned to collect in the FY
2013-14 is- 136090 crore Tk.
91. Mobile jamuna limited (MJL) forms joint venture in- Myanmar.
92. Who became new member of Olympic committee of Asia (OCA)?- Mahfuz
Akhter Kiron.
93. Who was adjudged the best player in 33rd national Cricket
championship?- Taibur Parvez.
94. FIFA confederation cup 2013 champion is – Brazil.
95. The Wimbledon Champion 2013 in the female category is – Marion
Bartoli ( France)
96. The Wimbledon Champion 2013 in the male category is- Andre Marey
(United Kingdom)
97. 2017 first ICC world test championship will be held on – England
98. 2020 seventh ICC world cup T20 will be held on –Australia.
99. 2013 FIFA confederation cup championship will be held on – Brazil
100. 2013 South Asian Football (SAF) tournament will be held on –
Katmandu, Nepal

*Important General Knowledge for Bank Recruitment Exams (Part 2)*
1) The headquarter of CIRDAP is in – Dhaka

2) The first parliamentary election of Bangladesh was held in -1973

3) The governance structure of Bangladesh is – parliamentary.

4) Bangladesh Bank was established in -1971

5) Dhaka division consists of – 17 districts

6) Bangladesh got the membership of the United Nations is in- 1974

7) BASIC Bank started its operation in -1989

8) The last independent Sultan of Bangal – Ghiyasuddin Mahmud Shah.

9) The Chittagong hill tracts peace accord was signed in -1997

10) The Portuguese arrived at Chittagong and received trade permit for
the first time in -1498

11) Time difference of Bangladesh with ‘Greenwich mean time’ is -6 hours.

12) The last Mughal emperor – Bahadur Shah

13) The highest gallant award in Bangladesh – Birsheshtho

14) The only foreigner who got the title Birprotik – W.A.S. Oderland

15) The value added Tax introduced in Bangladesh in – 1 july 1991

16) The constitution of Bangladesh has been amended -15 times.

17) Bengal was first partitioned in -1905

18) The river which divides Bangladesh and Myanmar – the Naf

19) The president of the National Assembly of Bangladesh – Speaker

20) The first finance minister of Bangladesh – Tajuddin Ahmed.

21) The T20 BPL Tournament 2012 matches were played -33

22) The present governor of Bangladesh Bank is –Dr. Atiur Rahman.

23) The largest importer of Bangladeshi product is – USA

24) The Mujibnagar Government was formed on – April 10,1971

25) NAEM stands for – National Academy for Educational Management.

26) Champion of the 2012 Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) T20 – Dhaka

27) The largest Division in Bangladesh is – Chittagong.

28) Architect of National Parliament Bhaban was – Lui Kan.

29) Number of reserved seats for women in the National parliament of
Bangladesh is – 50

30) The movie ‘Pather Panchali’ was directed by – Satyajit Roy.

31) Number of districts in Bangladesh have border with India -30

32) In terms of land area, the largest island in Bangladesh – Bhola.

33) The country introduced the concept of SAARC – Bangladesh

34) The first paper mill established in Bangladesh is – Karnaphuli paper

35) The current name of the former ministry of establishment of the
Peoples Republic of Bangladesh – Ministry of Public Administration.

36) Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI) is located in – Gazipur

37) The recently celebrated new Bangla year is -1420

38) In terms of land area, the largest district of Bangladesh is – Rangamati

39) During the Liberation War, Bangladesh was divided into -11 sectors

40) The first African country to recognize Bangladesh as an independent
country – Senegal

41) Bay of Bengal is in – Indian Ocean.

42) The head of the government of Bangladesh is – Prime Minister.

43) The designer of our national flag – Kamrul Hasan.

44) Highest single contribution to GDP in Bangladesh comes from the
sector – Agriculture.

45) The first European country recognized Bangladesh as an independent
country is – Poland.

46) Articles of the constitution of Bangladesh remain under suspension
during the period of emergency are – 36,37,38,39,40,42

47) First captain in the test cricket of Bangladesh is – Naimur Rahman

48) The first Bangladeshi woman who climbed Mount Everest is – Nisat

49) The acronym BARD stands for – Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development.

50) The current population growth rage in Bangladesh is – 1.37%

51) The ancient name of Barisal is – Chandradeep.

52) Bangladesh constitutions was adopted -16 December, 1972

53) The authority to issue an ordinance in Bangladesh is – president.

54) The source of the river Karnaphuli is – Lushai Hills.

55) The ratio of length and breadth of the national flag of Bangladesh
is – 5:3

56) Rupantarita Prakritik Gas Company Ltd (RPGCL) is a company of –

57) Number of female persons who were awarded the title ‘Bir Protik’ for
their contribution in the liberation war of Bangladesh – 2

58) The subject which is more focused in the national anthem of
Bangladesh is – Natural Beauty
of Bangladesh.

59) The national game of Bangladesh is – Kabaddi.

60) The first museum in Bangladesh is – Varendra Museum.

61) SAARC Agricultural Information centre is located in – Dhaka

62) The historic ‘Paharpur’ is situate in – Naogaon.

63) The river padma enters Bangladesh through – Rajshahi.

64) Three Bangali people have won Nobel prizes so far. The areas in
which the prizes were acquired are – Literature, Economics and Peace.

65) 21st February was the same date of – 8th Falgun.

66) The national tree of Bangladesh is – Mango tree.

67) The sector that consumed the most natural gas in Bangladesh is – Power.

68) The first sea shore gas field in Bangladesh is – Sangu

69) The architect of Mishuk – Hamiduzzaman Khan

70) Cellular telephone starts in Bangladesh at – 8 August 1993.

71) The minimum age for becoming vote in Bangladesh is – 18 years

72) The largest tribe in Bangladesh is – Chakma.

73) An institution was created due to language movement named – Bangla

74) Bangladesh government at first took its oath in the district of –

75) The spelling of Dacca changed to Dhaka in the year of -1988.

76) Bangladesh Folk Art Museum is located in – Sonargaon.

77) The last Mughal Emperor – Bahadur Shah Jafar.

78) The largest land port of Bangladesh is – Benapole.

79) Most northern point of Bangladesh is – Bangla Bandha.

80) National Agricultural Day of Bangladesh – 1st Agrahayan.

81) The designer of national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam Complex – Mazharul Islam

82) The first prime minister of temporary government of Bangladesh –
Tajuddin Ahmed.

83) The ‘Uttara Gano Bhaban’ is situate in – Natore.

84) The Mughal emperor visited Dhaka is – Humayun.

85) The national flag of independence Bangladesh was hosted on – 2 March

86) The number of districts in Rajshahi Division is -8

87) First community radio of Bangladesh is – Radio Padma.

88) The famous Bangladeshi player Mr. Siddiqur Rahman plays – Golf

89) The organization declared 21st February as the international Mother
Language Day is – UNESCO.

90) The Mosque of Binot Bibi is located at – Dhaka
*Important General Knowledge for Bank Recruitment Exams (Part 3)*
1) Head office of World Health Organization (WHO) is located in Switzerland.

2) Micronesia is a – Small Island situated in the Oceana area.

3) The regulations related to intellectual property is known as – TRIPS.

4) The language with the most native speaker Is – Mandarin Chinese.

5) The first woman to win the Nobel Prize on Economics – Elinor Ostrom.

6) The last member of SAARC is – Afghanistan.

7) The smallest country in the world is – Vatican City.

8) The capital of Bhutan is – Thimpu.

9) First woman Prime Minister in the world – Shreemavo Bandarnaike.

10) The name Tom Daschle relate to – Politics.

11) Niagra Falls is locate in – North America

12) Plato was a citizen of – Greece

13) The present president of International Cricket Council is – Alan Isaac

14) MOU stands for – Memorandum of Understanding.

15) The American General who led the revolt against the British and
declared American independence was- George Washington

16) World Literacy day is observed on – 8th September.

17) Wimbledon cup is associate with the game of – Lawn Tennis

18) The current president of the Syrian National Council (SNC) is –
Abdel Basset Sieda.

19) The newly elected French president Francois Hollande belongs to –
Socialist Party.

20) The country that accounts for nearly one third of the total teak
production of the world is – Myanmar.

21) The name of the statesman received Nobel Prize of literary work is –

22) Present name of country Syam – Thailand

23) The city of flowering trees – Harare

24) The land of the midnight sun – Norway.

25) Durban is the city of – South Africa

26) The currency of Japan – Yen

27) The number of members in the SAARC – 8

28) ADB head quarter is located in – Manila

29) The watchdog of international trade – WTO

30) Reuters is a – News agency

31) The birth place of Hitler – Austria

32) The writer of the book ‘Mother’- Maxim Gorky

33) Plato was a citizen of –Greece

34) The largest ocean of the world – Pacific

35) The deepest lake in the world – Lake Baikal

36) The largest planet in the solar system – Jupitar

37) First atom bomb was dropped – 1945

38) The national game of USA – Baseball

39) The biggest island of the world –Greenland.

40) The former name of the Srilanka – Ceylon

41) Writer of ‘A Passage to India’ – E.M. Forster.

42) SAARC was launched in -1985

43) Ramon Magsaysay award is named after the former president of –

44) The ICC cricketer of the year 2011- Janathan trot.

45) Albert Einstein was born in –Germany.

46) Suva is the capital of – Fiji

47) Fourth estate means – the press

48) Combodia was earlier known as – Kampuchea

49) ‘Boston Tea Party’ is associated with the –American Independence.

50) World’s longest tunnel is in – Japan.

51) The currency of Indonesia – Rupiah.

52) Writer of ‘Glimpses of World’ – Jawaharlal Nehru.

53) The capital city of United Arab Emirates is – Abu Dhabi.

54) The permanent secretariat of the SAARC is in – Katmundu.

55) NATO is – A military organization.

56) The largest continent of the world – Asia

57) The host country of next football world cup is 2014 – Brazil

58) The first Arab woman to conquer the Everest – Suzane Al Habib

59) The head quarter of the Arab League is in – Cairo, Egypt

60) The father of ‘ Green Revolution’ – Norman Borlogue.

61) Hong kong became the part of China in -1997

62) The world Human Rights Day – December 10.

63) The father of science fiction – Jules Verne

64) Greenland belongs to – Denmark

65) The current Prime Minister of Australia is – Julia Gillard.

66) The largest desert in the world is – Shahara.

67) The ‘Gurkhas’ are the original inhabitants of – Nepal

68) The place known as the roof of the world is – Tibbet

69) The author of the book ‘The Time Machine ‘ is – H.G. Wells.

70) The second largest country in the world in area – Canada

71) Rickshaw was first introduced in – Japan

72) NATO stands for – North Atlantic Treaty Organization

73) The world Trade Organization (WTO) established in -1995

74) The headquarter of the World Bank is in – Washington DC

75) The smallest country in Asia in population – Maldives.

76) The SAARC Secretariate is situated in – Kathmandu, Nepal

77) The meaning of SAFTA is – South Asian Free Trade Area

78) The meaning of SAPTA is – SAARC Preferential Trading Arrangement

79) The first female head of the state in the Muslim world – Megawati

80) The world’s largest diamond producing country is – Botswana.

81) Submarine cable is the term used in – Information Technology.

82) Andaman Island belongs to – India

83) The number of the member states of the UN Security Council having
veto power is -5

84) Louvre Museum is in – France.

85) Congress is the name of the parliament of the country –USA.

86) Amnesty International was Established in – London, in 1961

87) Kofi Annan was the – General Secretary of the United Nations 7th

88) 17the country to adopt the Euro as its currency –Estonia.

89) The headquarter of IMF is in – Washington DC.

90) Transparency International is based in – Barlin

91) The winner of the 2012 Asia Cup cricket is – Pakistan.

92) Amazon river is situated in – South America.

93) OPEC is associated with the international trading of – Oil

94) ‘Democracy is a government of the people, by the people, for the
people’The statement is attributed to – Abraham Lincoln.

95) UN convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination
Against Women was signed in year -1979

96) ‘Puscus Award’ is related to the game of – Gootball.

97) The capital of India is – New Delhni

98) The headquarter of UN Women is located at – New York

99) The Sahara desert is located in the continent of – Africa.

100) The nation gave woman the right to vote first – Newzealand.
*Important General Knowledge for Bank Recruitment Exams (Part 4)*

1. Who was the announcer of the budget of Bangladesh for fiscal year
2012-2013? Answer: Finance Minister.

2. Stock market or our country is directly regulated by. Answer:
Securities and Exchange Commission
3. What is the name of the organization which is working around the
world against corruption? Answer: Transparency International.
4. Which is the largest district in Bangladesh? Answer: Rangamati
5. Who is the writer of our national anthem? Answer: Rabindra Nath Tagore
6. The first mountaineer from Bangladesh who climbed Everest is?
Answer: Musa Ibrahim.
7. Wow many bones are there in human body? Answer: 206
8. Which creature is primarily responsible for carrying and
transmitting nipa virus in human body? Answer: Bat
9. What is the full form of ATM? Answer: Automatic Teller Machine
10. Who is the chief of Army staff of Bangladesh? Answer: General Iqbal
Karim Bhuiyan
11. Which BDT note carries the signature of the Finance Secretary?
Answer: 2 Taka note
12. Which country has adopted ‘Bengali’ as their second language?
Answer: Sierra Leone
13. What is the full form of LC? Answer: Letter of Credit.
14. Who became the fastest runner (male) in 30th Olympic games, 2012?
Answer: Usain Bolt
15. What is the full form of VAT? Answer: Value Added Tax
16. In which year Trust Bank was established? Answer: 1999
17. What is the national tree of Bangladesh? Answer: Mango
18. Who was the founder of Mughal emperor? Answer: Babar
19. What is the full form of IMF? Answer? Answer: International Monetary
20. Which Country will host the last Football World Cup? Answer: Brazil.
21. Banks got license in Bangladesh in recent time? Answer: Midland Bank
and NRB Bank.
22. What was Bangladesh’s sovereign rating assigned by S&P in the year
2013? Answer: BB+
23. What is the projected GDP growth rate of the world by IMF for 2014?
Answer: 3.6%
24. Grammen Bank is regulated directly by? Answer: Bangladesh Bank.
25. Industrial Revolution had originated in? Answer: UK
26. SME banking products of Jamuna Bank Limited? Answer: Jamuna Chalantika
27. Jamuna Bank is which generation bank? Answer: 2nd
28. Which country’s diplomat was arrested by USA recently? Answer: India
29. What is the name of the typhoon that devastated Philippines in
November 2013? Answer: Haiyan
30. What is Android? Answer: Mobile Operating System
31. The first parliamentary election in Bangladesh was held in? Answer: 1973
32. Hardest element in earth ? Answer: Diamond
33. The headquarter of Center on Integrated Rural Development for Asia
and Pacific (CIRDAP) is in? Answer: Dhaka
34. The currency of Indonesia is? Answer: Rupiah
35. The Book ‘Glimpses of World History’ was written by? Answer:
Jawaharlal Nehru
36. Meterology is the science of? Answer: Weather
37. A Plant with green leaves placed in red light well appear? Answer: Black
38. Mother Teresa was born in? Answer: Albania
39. The Largest island in the world is? Answer: Greenland
40. Mutual Trust Bank’s Vision is based on a philosophy known as?
Answer: MTB3V
41. What is the mission of Mutual Trust Bank? Answer: To be the most
admired financial institution in Bangladesh.
42. Which events led to the Greece Economic Crisis 2010? Answer:
Unrestricted spending and cheap loans.
43. In Green Banking, what does ERM Stand for? Answer: Environmental
Risk Management
44. Non-Arab Muslim country first recognized Bangladesh? Answer: Malaysia
45. Headquarter of the Green Peace International Located in? Answer:
46. Name of the first Bangladeshi Search Engine is? Answer: Pipilika
47. Bangladesh has trade surplus with which county? Answer: USA
48. In a certain period difference between visible and invisible import
and export of a country is called? Answer: Balance of trade
49. Who is the President of National Assembly of Bangladesh? Answer: Speaker
50. Which one is not a commercial Bank? Answer: Bangladesh Shilpa Bank

*Important General Knowledge for Bank, BCS Exams (Part 5)*

1.Devaluation of money results in an increase in? Answer: Money Supply

2. Which European country first recognized Bangladesh as an independent
nation? Answer: Poland
3. As per CSR policy, Mercantile Bank ltd. Spends money on which
sectors? Answer: Education and Health
4. What is the name of the 3G internet modem of Teletalk? Answer: Flash
5. Who designed the National Emblem of Bangladesh? Answer: Quamrul Hassan
6. What is the full form of TICFA? Answer: Trade and Investment
Co-operation Forum Agreement.
7. Amnesty International is? Answer: A human rights group.
8. Who invented the genome of jute? Answer: Maksudul Alam
9. How many international airports does Bangladesh have? Answer: 3
10. Olympic 2016 will be hosted by which country? Answer: Brazil
11. The term ‘ light year’ is related to what? Answer: Distance

12 .The name of the first Bangladesh female conquering the Everest is ?
Answer: Nishat Mazumder

13. IC chips used in computer are made of? Answer: Silicon
14. ‘Philology’ is the ? Answer: Study of language
15. The parliament of Russia is known as ? Answer: Duma and council of
the federation
16. Which one is a risk management protocol of Banks? Answer: Basel II
17. Which one is the latest gas field identified by BAPEX? Answer: Srikail
18. Who is the highest wicket taker in International Test Cricket?
Answer: Muttiah Muralitharan
19. CIB stand for? Answer; Credit Information Bureau
20. The Wall Streen Journal is a US based international Daily with a
special emphasis on? Answer: Business
21. Generalized system of preference (GSP) was first implemented by?
Answer: European Union
22. Pencil lead is primarily made of? Answer: Graphite
23. Which is used to classify a bank overall condition? Answer: CAMEL rating
24. Tachometer is the speed indicator of ? Answer: Airplanes
25. Which film owns the Oscars in best picture category in 2013? Argo
26. Washing Soda is the common name for? Answer: Sodium Carbonate
27. The inert gas which is substituted for nitrogen in the air used by
deep sea divers for breathing, is? Answer: Helium
28. Wimbledon Open is associated with which of the Sports? Answer: Tennis
29. Bangladesh has exported ship for first time to which country?
Answer: Denmark
30. Which is a specialized machinery build to control fire in multi
storied buildings? Answer: Skylift
31. Percentage of Oxygen in H2O is ? Answer: 88.8%
32. Major macroeconomic objective of the government is? Answer: A fall
in the prices of crude oil.
33. In 1971 the Concert for Bangladesh was held in? Answer: New York
34. Bangladesh receives Maximum amount of loan from which country?
Answer: Japan
35. In October 2013 which of the following countries had announced that
it would become the first member of the Euro Zone, to exit an
international bail-out program? Answer: Ireland.
36. The different between lending and borrowing rate at banks is called?
Answer: Spread
37. Which one of the following is not included in the formal sectors of
financial system of Bangladesh? Answer: NGO
38. In which layer of the atmosphere do most weather phenomena occur?
Answer: Troposphere
39. Galvanized Iron sheets have a coating of? Answer: Zinc
40. A plant leaf appears green because it? Answer: Reflects green light
41. GNP stands for? Answer: Gross National Product
42. Which district of Bangladesh is the smallest in size? Answer:
43. How frequently does the Bangladesh Bank announce the Monetary Policy
of Bangladesh? Answer: Half Year
44. After the USA, which country has the largest economy in the world?
Answer: China 45. How many countries are members of the SAARC? Answer: 8
45. Which is the Largest Lake in the world? Answer: Caspian Sea
46. SDR is the currency unit of? Answer: IMF
47. The book titled ‘The Ultimate Fate of the Universe’ is written by
the scientist? Answer: Jamal Nazrul Islam
48. The currency of Brazil is ? Answer: Real
49. The Lady freedom fighter in the liberation war who was awarded ‘ Bir
Protik’ is? Answer: Setara Begum.
*General Knowledge for Bank, BCS and PSC Exams (Part 6) General
Knowledge for Bank, BCS and PSC Exams are Given Below:*

1.Which sector contributes most to the GDP in Bangladesh at present?
Answer: Garments Sector

2.The largest district of Bangladesh in respect of area? Answer: Rangamati

3.Balanced food consists of how many ingredients? Answer: 6

4.Which one is the biggest island of Bangladesh? Answer: Bhola

5.Refrigerators keep food unspoiled because? Answer: At its low
temperature, bacteria and moulds are inactive

6.Poets died in road accident? Answer: Jibananda Das

7.Which of the country is a member of OIC although majority of the
people are not Muslim? Answer: Uganda

8.What is the number of Ramadan month in the Islamic Calendar? Answer: 9th

9.Dhaka Carzon Hall was build in the year? Answer: 1904-05

10.Naiko Gax company belongs to which of the country? Answer: Canada

11.The sundarban covers? Answer: Khulna, Satkhira, Bagerhat

12.Largest tribe in Bangladesh? Chakma

13.February 21st was declared ‘International Mother Language Day’ by?
Answer: UNESCO

14.What is the length of the Jamuna Bridge? Answer: 4.8km

15.Which city is called the ‘The city of flowering trees’? Answer: Harare

16.Who is the designer of the National Flag of Bangladesh? Answer:
Kamrul Hasan

17.For which historical event the year of 1789is renowned? Answer:
French revolution

18.The documentary film ‘Stop Genocide’ related to independence war of
Bangladesh was directed by? Answer: Zahir Raihan

19.KYC stands for ? Kinetic Yield Center

20.The source of solar energy is ? Answer: Nuclear fusion

21.Who was the last Mughal Emperor? Answer: Bahadur Shah II

22.Who compiled and edited the documents of liberation war of
Bangladesh? Answer: Hasan Hafizur Rahman

23.One nautical mile= ? Answer: 2.254km

24.Who wrote introduction of the book song offering of Rabindranath
Tagore? Answer: W.B. Yeats

25.Which Arabic country first recognized Bangladesh as an independent
country? Answer: Iraq

26.Tides are caused by the? Answer: Gravitational attraction of the sun
and the moon on earth surface

27.Democracy is a government of the people, by the people, for the
people. This statement is attributed to? Answer: Abraham Lincoln

28.Guantanamo Bay detection camp locate in? Answer: Cuba

29.Which country is bordered by both the Atlantic and Indian Ocean?
Answer: South Africa

30.Where do most of the Manipuri ethnic group people live in Bangladesh?
Answer: Sylhet

31.What is the term used to describe the recent economic conundrum faced
by the US Government? Answer: Fiscal Cliff

32.Where is the headquarters of the World Bank located? Answer:
Washington DC

33.An increase in the growth rate of the money supply is most likely to
be followed by? Answer: Inflation

34.Who is the first cricketer to score a double century in an innings in
one day cricket? Sachin Tendulkar

35.In which district Bangladesh, is the Mosque of Binot Bibi Locate?
Answer: Dhaka

36.According to the Islamic Economics, which should be the return for an
investor? Answer: Profit or Loss

37.Which of the following credit rating systems has recently been
adopted for insurance companies in Bangladesh? Answer: CAMEL

38.In Bangladesh, which organization is responsible for conducting the
research on Islamic Economics? Answer: Islamic Economics Research Bureau

39.Combination of Stagnation and Inflation is called? Answer: Stagflation

40.A ‘Bull Market’ means that share price are? Answer: Rising

41.Which organization is the regulator of the capital market in
Bangladesh? Answer: SEC

42.Where is the headquarter of the Islamic Development Bank Locate?
Answer: Jeddah

43.Which of the following is the principal guideline to be followed in
Islamic Banking? Answer: Shariah law

44.Against which country did Bangladesh cricket team played their first
test cricket match? Answer: India

45.How many countries have got the status of the member state of United
Nations? Answer: 193

46.Who was the first Bangladeshi woman to climb the Mount Everest?
Answer: Nishat Mozumdar

47.Currency of China? Answer: Yuan

48.Where was the Flag of Bangladesh raised first? Answer: University of

49.Scheduled Banks of Bangladesh are regulated under? Answer: Bank
Company Act, 1991

50.Which sector got the highest allocation for expenditure in Bangladesh
national budget 2013-14? Answer: Public Administration


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