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Banglalink Sales Capability Development Senior Manager jobs circular

Sales Capability Development Senior Manager
Major Responsibilities

  • Identify needs, design training modules and facilitate learning solutions to enable the Sales organization to develop and continuously improve business performance.
  • Diagnose individual and team competence gaps across the Sales function to assess quality of Sales talent pool & promote targeted learning and development initiatives.
  • Prepare and implement the functional training plan.
  • Conduct periodic/quarterly assessment of sales team’s achievements and identify areas for further improvement
  • Develop solution to address identified issues and provide training on the same.
  • Gather ideas and seek opportunities for continuous improvement in the development of world class sales capabilities.
  • Develop different KPIs for sales teams for measuring and analysing the effectiveness and market reach of current sales force
  • Explore different local and international market trend to develop new and innovative sale techniques catering to BL’s target markets.
  • Work closely with the B2C Leadership Team in identification of the talent criteria and skill set in building the required Sales competencies for the organization.
  • Participate in the formulation of appropriate Sales organisation structure and its implementation that will ensure delivery of the Sales strategy.
  • Build strong relationship with local and group training community to share and update the key developments in the area of Sales skill management.
Required Academic Qualifications

  • Business Graduate
Required Experience

  • Minimum 7-8 years’ total experience with 4-5 years’ relevant experience in Telecom Sales & Distribution.
Required Knowledge & Skills

  • Advanced facilitation skills and passion for delivering training programs
  • Understanding of Telecom Sales & Distribution process
  • In-depth insight into market and firm’s Trade Marketing capability
  • In-depth knowledge of Channel Management
  • In-depth knowledge of Sales Management
  • Complete understanding of Retail Management
Required Competencies

  • N/A
Department/Division/Job Location

  • Commercial, Dhaka
Application Deadline: Saturday, October 29, 2016

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