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bad news for government employer

Internal policies of higher education, “pyamce ‘throw accused of being deprived of the opportunity for higher education abroad, officials of the Ministry of Public Administration. Guidelines issued to employees of higher education institutions inside the country have been 015 on 6 December.
Officials are complaining for the sake of this policy for a long time to break old customs officials are being deprived of a part of higher education abroad. According to the Ministry of Public Administration, different policies concerning higher education within the country and abroad are higher. Inside, it has called for higher education policy does not apply to higher education in the country. But foreign policy is being used in the field of higher education.
According to the Ministry of Public Administration, employees of any government or any other Masters degree within the country and abroad, and he did not get a chance for higher education. But officials say that this policy is hoping to university education.
The Ministry of the Interior Policy Memorandum (05000000211221062008339), using the case of higher education in China issued a circular on February 15 this year. According to the report concluded, “the Ministry of Public Administration under notification No. 339 on the job after entering a master’s degree in education has completed transmission or an officer need not apply.”

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