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All about Padma bridge

All about Padma bridge


Summary of Padma Bridge


BCS ritene bridge somewhere about something to write! So better be careful before. I read a column. Please note.

A bridge will change the
Jamilur Reza Chowdhury: engineers and academics.

Padma Multipurpose Bridge is just south-west, the country’s economy will change. To further detail in this communication bridge in South Asia and South-East Asia, trade, tourism will play an important role in many cases. In all, the people of this bridge is really a dream becomes a bridge.

However, the own resources to build a bridge to the task was not easy. Contact us for many years was nadinirbhara. After the road to independence in 1971, is the importance of communication. In this case, the barrier rivers. To create a small part of the road would have to cross the river. Many ferry was launched. I was involved as an expert on the construction of Jamuna Bridge since 1985. People could not imagine ever leaving the north in the morning and can be reached Dhaka. By the end of the day it will be possible to come back to work again. Bangabandhu Jamuna Bridge was opened on 3 June 1998. During the south-west of the country for the benefit of human contact is to take the initiative to build the Padma
bridge. At this time the feasibility study was launched in 1998 to 000. 001 in support of the Japanese sambhabatya is verified. Japan International Cooperation Agency JICA 004 in July to accept the recommendations of the government took the decision to build the Padma bridge between Mawa-Jazeera. 008 government consulting firm to prepare the final design of the Padma Bridge. With their appointed by the government. The final design of the bridge is 15 km to 6 percent. The new design will be down on the rail and automobile.

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