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37th BCS Preliminary Exam Date Publish

Breaking News!!!

37th BCS Preliminary Exam Date Publish


35th result : Mid of the August
36th Written: 1st September
37th preliminary: End of the September

If not it in the morning due to admission test of DU, it will be held in the afternoon on that day . Mind it 35th preliminary held in the afternoon for S. S.C exam.

All will fix by PSC. And you know sometimes, In spite of their hard work, they can’t held the exams in time for some unexpected reasons.

So , it is our duty to accomplish our preparation with tooth and nail before the neck of time .

All dates are tentative, not fixed!!!!!!!

So, we will not be responsible for mis-happening, because we just collected it and share with you.

We are overwhelmed! You are astonished!!
What will happen, only PSC knows.

Hope for the best.

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