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28-12-2016 Daily Star Vocabulary

Daily Star Vocabulary
###- Violence: Neoliberalism at the root of it…..(editorial)
1. Neoliberalism – নব্যউদারনীতিবাদ
2. coerced nation – নিগৃহীত জাতি
3. democratise gender relation – লিঙ্গ সম্পর্ক গণতন্ত্রায়ণ
4. mitigate patriarchy – পিতৃতন্ত্র প্রশমিতকরণ
5. misogyny – স্ত্রী-বিদ্বেষ
###- Russian Jet Crash: Main black box found……. (business)
1. deciphered by expert – বিশেষজ্ঞ দ্বারা পাঠোদ্ধার
2. mourning – শোক
###- Money rolling in District elections……(editorial)
1. allegation – অভিযোগ
2. forthcoming – আসন্ন
3. woo voters – ভোটারদের আকৃষ্ট করা
4. unpalatable truth – বিস্বাদ সত্য
5. immorality – ব্যভিচার
6. travesty – হাস্যকর অনুকরণ
7. electoral misconduct – নির্বাচনী অসদাচরণ
8. unduly influenced – অযথা প্রভাবিত
9. lure of gifts – উপহারের টোপ
10. gross violation – স্থূল লঙ্ঘন
Money rolling in District elections
Where is the Election Commission
As voters go to polls today in the district election, allegations have been made against certain candidates and people’s representatives who are backing candidates in the forthcoming district elections, that substantial amount of cash is being spent on the campaign trail. According to news published in a leading Bangla daily on December 27, in 61 districts there are at least 30 rebel Awami League (AL) leaders who intend to contest. Moreover, candidates of opposition parties like BNP, Jatiya Party are being favoured by many ordinary voters in AL-held districts where some of the biggest spending is allegedly happening to woo voters.
The culture of spending stupendous amounts of money is nothing new in our elections. Buying of votes is an unpalatable truth of the election process in Bangladesh. News has emerged of candidates resorting to this practice in the various districts of Mymensingh, Manikganj, Barguna, etc. Indeed, a certain candidate from Bogra has apparently promised to distribute rice earmarked as relief food, for votes. Such practices go beyond immorality; they are a direct violation of electoral conduct and yet it is unclear what exactly the Election Commission (EC) has done.
There is the danger of these elections becoming a travesty where cash transactions rule supreme in the absence of any visible action by the EC against electoral misconduct; where people are unduly influenced with the lure of gifts in cash, or in some cases, kind. Unless the EC is willing to act (in conjunction with local administration) decisively against such gross violations, elections like this will not reflect people’s aspirations.

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