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100 important Preposition

100 important Preposition

Hamid is a good ____ Mathematics. Ans: At.

Fruits are good ___ health. Ans: For.

Man lives ___ society. Ans: In.

He will come ___ Sunday. Ans: On.

The man died ____ overeating. Ans: From.

She looked ___ the picture. Ans: At.

He lives ___ Dhaka.  Ans: At.

I got the news ___ television. Ans: On.

I am sorry ___ my rude behavior. Ans: For.

I meet Rina ____ the way to house. Ans: On

They live ___ the city ___ Dhaka. Ans: In, Of.

I went to the office ___ bus. Ans: By.

I lost the control of your car ____ chance. Ans: By.

I was born ___ a middle class family. Ans: Of.

The Padma abounds ____ fishes. Ans: With.

I bought a mobile and I paid ____. Ans: In cash.

Religion is ___ everything. Ans: Above.

Put your signature ____ the line. Ans: Below.

My friend always goes home ____ foot. Ans: On.

Divide the pencils ___ them. Ans: Among.

Morning walk is beneficial ___ health. Ans: to.

We should not laugh ___ the poor. Ans: At.

The cow lives ___ grass. Ans: On.

___ all he is a good man. Ans: After.

I could not go to school ___ my illness. Ans: For.

We should work ___ the interest of the country. Ans: In.

He comes ___ a respectable family. Ans: Of.

I cannot agree ___ your. Ans: to

I can do this ___ any one’s help. Ans: Without.

It is a new method ___ learning English. Ans: Of.

Students should be attentive ___ their lessons. Ans: to.

Sher-e Bangla was versed ___ politics. Ans: In.

The sky is ___ us. Ans: Above.

I talked to him ___ the business.  Ans: About.

He went away ___ having diner. Ans: After.

Make the dining table ____ the design. Ans: After.

The shirt is ___ my choice. Ans: After.

He is ___ me. Ans: Against.

The letter was written ___ him. Ans: By.

We should not speak ill of one ____ his back. Ans: Behind.

I will not speak ___ you. Ans: For.

The boy was pardoned ___ his age. Ans: For.

It is the car___ my uncle. Ans: Of.

Go ___ the street. Ans: Along.

The bird flew ___ our head. Ans: Above.

Divide the books ___ two brothers. Ans: Between.

He come ___ from the tree. Ans: Down.

I will finish it ___ two hours. Ans: Within.

It was ___ my control. Ans: Under.

He cannot do anything ____ my help. Ans: Without.

The teacher entered ___ the classroom. Ans: Into.

He died ___ cholera. Ans: Of.

You should learn ____ your mistake. Ans: From.

We cannot do ___ money. Ans: Without.

Students are anxious ___ their results. Ans: About.

The dog always barks ___ a stranger. Ans: At.

I beg mercy ___ the Allah. Ans: Of.

I was born ___ Dhaka. Ans: In.

The student is busy ___ his desk. Ans: At.

She is busy ___ her lessons. Ans: With.

I bought this book ___ him. Ans: Of.

We should take care ___ our health. Ans: Of.

Death is common ___ all. Ans: To.

I am confident ___ my success. Ans: Of.

The man has no control ___ his sons. Ans: Over.

She is covetous ___ wealth. Ans: Of.

He died ___ over eating. Ans: From.

He has no connection ___ me. Ans: With.

I depended ___ his work. Ans: Upon.

The girl is expert ___ drawing. Ans: At.

What is the difference ____ the Two?  Ans: Between.

The teacher dwelled ___ the subject. Ans: Upon.

Ridoy is expert ___ English. Ans: In.

I have faith ___ his honesty. Ans: In.

He has broken faith ___ me. Ans: With.

Mohsin is famous ___ his kindness. Ans: For.

He’s worked here ___ 1970. Ans: Since.

He held his breath ___ seven minutes. Ans: For.

She likes to jog ___ the morning. Ans: In.

One should not jest ___ the poor. Ans: At.

Man is liable ___ error. Ans: To.

I have no liking ___ him. Ans: For.

I owe ___ my teacher. Ans: To.

There is no remedy ____ cancer. Ans: For.

The police searched ___ the criminal. Ans: For.

I caught him ____ the ear. Ans: By.

The river is filled ___ water. Ans: With.

You should have a limit ___ your demands. Ans: On.

He hankers ___ the money. Ans: After.

I cannot stop ___ Meanness. Ans: For.

I am sure ___ my success. Ans: Of.

He is suitable ___ the post. Ans: For.

We trust ___ Allah. Ans: In.

I am true ___ my word. Ans: To.

I am tired ___ hard work. Ans: with.

The lady is vain ____ her dress. Ans: Of.

The minister has been vested ___ power. Ans: With.

They waited ___ us at the station. Ans: For.

Ritu has zest ___ music. Ans: For.

Go ___ the street. Ans: Across.

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